Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Taoism Article

Based on the article I learned many different ways to better understand the early Chinese history.  Taoism is a philosophy that tells you to go with the flow. The philosophy is saying that everything will happen for a reason and you don't have to work or anything and you will eventually just get back to the orginal ending point. The political structure from along time ago is still a little bit relevant today. But it is not in all of China, they found Taoism in Yanna. They had Taoist names and alike social structures. They don't know how it traveled all of the way there but there were non Chinese members so they could have came from somewhere else. There are no physical tracings of Taoism probably because they did not write religion on objects. The Taoist priests are claiming to be 65 generations from the founder of Taoism. They learn this information though texts, but different than usual. They look through the texts to find people's names but usually ignore the religion. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Is Our World Real

I have never questioned something like this before. It is very weird to think that everyone you have ever met in your existence is possibly just not real. Scientists are saying that this is actually possible, it could have been going on for years or people from long ago started this. As time goes on for us we are making our games more advanced and real like. With that whose to say that we are not all living that life that they already created making us that game. You are only sure that you, yourself is real because you do not know what everyone is thinking. It could just be you in the world and all of the people around you are just actors and actresses just pretending to be someone in your life. The article said, "What happens, if there is a bug that crashes the entire program." If this philosophy is true than our entire world would crash within minutes. It is scary to think that it is a 50/50 chance. Maybe they will find proof soon but all we know for right now is what each person thinks for themselves. Each person only knows what they are they don't know what everyone else is or thinking.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Holocaust and Book of Job

The article is like the Book of Job in many ways. The main way is why? What did Job do to be tortured by God? What did the Jews do to be killed by God? Why did God not put a stop to this? Know one will know. Another reason they are alike is that after all of the treatment they got from God, why did they still worship him? One of the differences is that God only hurt Jobs family and the holocaust hurt millions of Jews. Another difference is that Job's incident was out of no where with no warning. And the Holocuast had a little bit of a warning with all of the threats from the Nazis. Job's problem was also from God directly while the Holocuast was from the Nazis and Hitler directly. Another thing that is different is the Jobs story is in the Old Testament and it happened a very long time ago, while the Holocuast happened about 75 years ago. Also there is no hard evidence that Jobs story ever happened and we know that the Holocuast happened because people were there that are still alive today and share their what happened to them. They are both very horrible and alike and different in many ways.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book of Job

This book is about Job's life. God and Satan are having an argument about if Job really loves God or not. God is saying that no matter what he does, Job will always like him and love him. However, Satan is saying that if he hurts him in anyway consecutively then he will not like God anymore. God decides that now he is going to test him. They hurt him only because they are in an argument. At the beginning of this book, Job has many animals and that is like Noah's Ark with all of the animals he takes with him on the ark. This book is also like Isaac and Abraham because God makes them each lose a big part of who they are. Abraham almost had to give up Isaac and Job found out that God set his house on fire with all of his children in it for them to die. Meanwhile Job had done nothing wrong. The book of Job is different from the other stories because he did this out of the blue and for no reason. In the other books, they are still not right but they usually do something to upset God in the first place. This is an usual book from this time because this is purely God being mean for no reason. In all of the other books he has a bad reason to hurt the people but this is the worst he had done just because he got in an argument with Satan. Also he just wanted to prove he was write, about how Job would always love him. After the first part of the story it seems that Satan was right because Job is cursing the day he was born. Job is very mad at God right now.  

Friday, September 30, 2016

High School Opinion

High school is much better than middle school. We have a lot of freedom and we are able to do our homework at school and then it is not so stressful when we get home. We have free period to chill and do homework. I like how we are learning in different ways like the way we use our iPads and take notes on them. I like how we can go out for lunch and get a break from school. The things that I don't like about the high school is less of a list. It is annoying how the school is so big and how sometimes in my schedule I have to walk across the entire school. However, I can deal with that because the overall experience doesn't feel like that much work and it is just a lot better than middle school. After school is also good because there are a lot of clubs and sports and you can choose what you want to do as your after school activity. High school is very fun and doesn't even feel like school. It is a fun experience and I am excited for the next 4 years!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Babylonain Tablet

In this article that we read in class, it is about how the person thinks that Noah's Ark never existed. They have found evidence on one of the babyloin an tablets that it shows step by step instructions on how to build the ark. It was a craft that the Babylonians did a lot. The tablet gives a writing that is much older than the biblical steory written. He has the same feeling about Noah's Ark as Bill Nie has. It made me realize even more that there is evidence that could say it did happen but there is the same evidence that can be used to say that it didn't happen. I learned more about how it is still being talked about and about how it relates to the bible and if it really happened.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gods character in Genesis (Mind map)

I always thought that God was a very nice and helpful person. He was the one who created Adam and  Eve and the whole Earth.  However, after reading some of Genesis I learned that he really wasn't the nicest, unless you consider killing everyone on Earth is a nice thing. But he also helps the animals and Noah's whole family by telling him to build a boat. So sometimes he was good and sometimes he was bad. But then after that he becomes a good guy again by apologizing and saying that he will never do something like this again. But he also helps the animals and Noah's whole family by telling him to build a boat. So sometimes he was good and sometimes he was bad. He realizes this but he doesn't really change it until after he does the bad things. God's personality changed a lot and sometimes he was a good guy and then he becomes a bad guy. He changed from who I thought he was originally but then he chases back to who I thought he had been.